In 1983, a group of lacrosse players from Upstate New York formed the Tri-City Lacrosse League to create a venue for post-collegiate competition. This once small group of 80 men has now grown into a 700 person organization (Tri-City Lacrosse, Inc. 501(C)(3)). This growth was made possible through sweat, perseverance, and reaching out to players young and older, from many different communities.

In our twenty-nine years we have built many programs branching from the initial league. There is our initial men’s league, an adult traveling team, a boys and girls youth league for 3rd to 11th grade students, and a program for K-2nd grade boys and girls we proudly call KinderCrosse. KinderCrosse, we feel, is one of our most rewarding endeavors, both for the kids, as well as for us. Picture a first grader for the first time, cutting to the ball carrier, catching the pass and scoring, then raising his arms like she/he scored a championship winning goal. Those brief moments are priceless snapshots and character builders that last a lifetime.

Please check out our “Programs” link where you’ll find additional information for all players and a parents guide so you/your parents can follow along.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simply to provide every girl and boy in the Utica/Rome/Herkimer area the opportunity to have a positive experience playing lacrosse. With the growth of lacrosse extending into the western United States, there are so many opportunities to play lacrosse in college and beyond. There has never been a better time to become involved in lacrosse. We hope the sport of lacrosse enriches the lives of our younger generations as much as it has ours.

To that end, we are developing, a multi-field outdoor sports complex to ensure we always have a place to play lacrosse. With so many school budgets being cut, sadly, local schools cannot not support field maintenance costs associated with summer leagues using school fields. And worse, athletic “modified” level programs are being cut. With this project, not only are we ensuring our main mission is met, we are providing a community enriching service that will support all area lacrosse and soccer programs.

Once the complex is operational, we plan to run multiple large tournaments each year. The proceeds of such events will be used, in part, to fund lacrosse at area schools districts, and provide scholarships, camps, and clinics to area athletes.

At Tri-City Lacrosse, Inc. we pride ourselves in being a 100% volunteer organization with 0 administrative costs. All profits will be used to maintain the complex and support the youth of Central, New York.


Board Of Directors
Name Position(s) Phone
Geno DeCondo President C:723-6645
Bob Dicks Treasurer – Tournament Team C:401-1117
Andy Farrell Secretary and Webmaster C:269-7320
Andy Farrell VP Youth Lacrosse C:269-7320
Vacant VP Women’s Lacrosse C:
Paul Noecker Director Travel Team C:225-9301
Brent Dodge Director Men’s Lacrosse C:404-8688