About Us

Tri-City Lacrosse Inc is proud to offer an upcoming program that will align players of similar backgrounds and abilities to compete across most levels. The sport of lacrosse continues to grow nationally and locally. The need to create additional opportunities for some upper-level players that might not have the interest in traveling and/or the expenses associated with other offerings. The goal of this program is to provide a playing opportunity, locally, that will benefit players simply by surrounding them with like-skilled players in conjunction with skilled instruction without high cost, travel or politics. Big picture is that we also create a goal for the lesser-skilled players in the region to aspire to and in essence, improve the region as a whole as this initiative grows.To start, Tri-City will be forming 2 teams, a 2028/2029 and a 2030/2031 (graduation years). The purpose of the combined model is two-fold: 1) to make the most competitive teams possible and 2) to ensure we have enough guys to build the teams and as we grow, have stand-alone teams.

We have deliberately kept costs low and while we will maximize opportunities, we also increase accessibility and convenience. We also understand and embrace the philosophy that these athletes should not be focused solely on lacrosse. We understand that we have to share these athletes with other sports and activities. Therefore, we encourage players to not leave their township or school teams if possible. We believe and embrace that these relationships are also essential in the development of team chemistry, as well as their overall school programs. We have already recruited some quality coaches to the program with great coaching and playing experience, and who are motivated by the love of the game, as well as to provide a competitive experience for those who are ready.

We are hoping that we grow to a point that we have enough interest that we can field really competitive teams, which also means that some athletes may not make the team they want. The number of athletes that tryout will dictate our configuration and composition, meaning that we may offer some developmental options, at a lesser cost, to prepare players for future opportunities. Please find the tryout information posted below. Thank you all for your continued support and hope to see you soon.